Impending Doom

This is one of those picture you run across on the internet that you just have to stop and ponder a moment.

I love high-speed photography, and this is a great shot.  That poor hapless bird has about 1/27 of a second left to live.  And it’s sitting there without a care in the world.  I appreciate that not everybody is a fan of snakes but there’s still something awe-inspiring about its raw, predatory speed and power.

I thought of captioning this something like “I’ve had days like this.”  You know the feelings of “impending doom” you sometimes get, where it seems like you KNOW something bad is about to happen?   That’s not this.  This is where you’re just peacefully minding your own business and disaster strikes without warning.

Not sure which is worse, but I don’t like either one.

Poor birdy.

Hope all’s well out there, friends, and God bless.