Violence in Schools

This is not the happy post.  I promise, Monday I’ll try to be witty again.

Doing lighthearted stuff is sort of my thing.  I want to be the guy who gives you a break from the world, not the blogger who pushes it at you.

But, yeah, ANOTHER school shooting.

And, Lord help us all, we’ve gotten to the point where this is commonplace.  Where it’s not really “big news” anymore.  Where our teachers and students are, rightfully, afraid to go to school.

I don’t want to be alarmist, I really don’t.  And I tend to lean conservative politically, whatever that means.  But if any leaders have plans that could stop this, whatever their political persuasion, we’re years past due to do something about this.

But, yes, I know “thoughts and prayers” are mocked.  And they are indeed empty if that’s as far as they go.  But may we indeed pray for the families and mourn the loss.

And may we pray that God may turn the hearts and minds of this nation back to Him.

God bless, friends.