Love in Action

Hello, friends!  Awhile back I posted an interview with Kathy Coomer.  I need to report, asking for prayer, that her husband Roger passed away this week.

Kathy was a full-time caregiver for Roger since 2011, when he suffered a traumatic brain injury that left him severely disabled and unable to do anything for himself.  In addition, Kathy essentially single-parents their special-needs son.

I’d like to salute her.  When she said “for better or for worse” she MEANT it.

Please be in prayer for her.  Roger was a devout Christian and we know that he’s delivered from the prison of his crippled body and having a wonderful time right now.  And Kathy knows that she’s going to see him again.  But right now she has to completely readjust her entire life, come to grips with the loss of her great love, and figure out the future.

Thanks for reading, friends, and God bless.  Hope all’s well out there.