Thrill Seeking

When I started this blog, I had the idea of doing “Advice for Everyone,” when I’d get friends to do interviews.  That’s fallen by the wayside a little bit; I had some personal issues come up and it’s been a little more laborious getting people to help me out than I had anticipated.  You wouldn’t think it’d be that hard to get people to talk about themselves, but oh, well.  I keep meaning to try to revive that.

In the meantime, you gotta check out this picture of an extreme skateboarder I found on the internet.  Is this guy nuts or what?

I have to confess to not really understanding the thrill seekers, the adrenaline junkies, the extreme sports enthusiasts.  I mean, I can go “wheee” with the best of them on the occasional rollercoaster; I get the exhilaration of speed.  But people who make it their mission to keep doing crazier and crazier things just to see if they can?  I have a certain respect for it, but it’s just not part of my makeup.

Maybe I’m just boring.

Hope all’s well out there, friends, and God bless.