Google Images Treasures

I love Google Images.  For instance, the other night we had some power outages in our area.  A friend posted on social media, after a few hours with candles and kerosene heaters, “I Have Power.”  I immediately thought of the 1980s He-Man cartoon, in which he raises his sword when he transforms and says “I have the power,” so I searched for that on Google.

What I found was even better: 

So naturally I posted this picture to her post.  There’s nothing particularly creative about Google Images–anybody can do it, and a little copy and paste work and you’ve got all kinds of interesting stuff.

Be careful, though, because when I say you can find anything on Google Images, I mean literally ANYTHING.

But you can also Google Image search “baby giraffe” and come up with this:

Hope all’s well out there, friends, and God bless.