Gingerbread Houses

Happy Thursday, friends!

Tomorrow is December 1st, when I officially allow myself to get excited about Christmas.

But I wanted to tell you a story about a little girl who was excited when I met her.

She and her mother were in the grocery store line behind me.  Mom had a basket full of stuff, she was proudly clutching a gingerbread house kit and grinning widely.

There was a bit of a wait, so in order to pass the time I politely admired it and asked her if she got to help put it together.

I kid you not, she didn’t take a breath:

“My little brother’s at home and he’s asleep and he can’t help because he’s too little but I can because I’m going to kindergarten and I had a birthday and a Frozen birthday party and Anna’s my favorite but also Elsa and Olaf and Sven.  Sven’s the reindeer.” 


So…..that’s a “yes” on helping with the gingerbread house, then?


Hope all’s well out there, friends, and God bless.