Rick Anthony–Advice for New Woodworkers

What is your name? Richard Anthony – Rick to my friends

What do you do for a living? Information Technologies Project Manager

How old are you? 48

Where do you live? San Diego, soon to be Las Vegas

Who are you giving advice to? New woodworkers. I’ve made every stupid mistake one could make. Interesting to note, every project I’ve had has my fingerprint in blood somewhere…not by choice.

And the advice? Measure twice, cut once, yell and curse… next time measure thrice. Also, always clean your workstation BEFORE you realize that you just set your work on top of a paint brush that’s now glued to it.

The most interesting place you’ve visited? India

Favorite meal? An eight course chef’s tasting from L’ami Jean, Paris

Favorite book or movie? Anything James Bond

If people want to pray for me, they could pray for? Knowledge, wisdom, love, and peace

Family? Married and two cute but demanding dogs, Gus and Luci

One thing many people don’t know you can do? I learned to surf at 45.

If you had any spare time, what would you do with it? Make guitars

Tell us some interesting things about yourself that aren’t already covered.   I’ve lived in three of the four Commonwealths, I’m an amateur luthier on the side, and I’m deathly afraid of clowns, mimes, or any variation on that theme.

Cool! What’s a luthier? Luthier – guitar maker. Fortunately, I’m Lutheran.

I shall have to refer to you henceforward as a Lutheran luthier.

Henry Styron–Advice for Supermarket Baggers

I’m starting a new feature called “Advice for Everyone,” in which we try to provide helpful advice to pretty much everybody.  Obviously it’ll take a while to get done.

I’ll start it off.

Advice For Supermarket Baggers: When you’re bringing in grocery carts from the parking lot, be careful of your hands.  If you get your fingers pinched between two jammed-together carts it can really, really hurt.  Trust me on this; I speak from painful experience.

Name: Henry Styron.  Everybody calls me “Henry.”

Age: 48

Where I Live: Hendersonville, North Carolina.

Occupation:  Associate pastor at a Baptist church and aspiring writer.  I’m a rich and famous author, except for the “rich and famous” part.

The most interesting place I’ve visited:  Probably the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C.  But the “Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum” in Gatlinburg, Tennessee is really a very cool place.  Oh, and any library in the world.

Pet peeve?  People who aren’t sensitive to other people’s time.

Favorite movie?  The Princess Bride

How can people pray for you? For the grace to be an abiding-in-Christ man of prayer.

Family?  Married for twenty-seven years, with three kids and one obnoxious cat.

Anything else of interest?  I’m an amateur actor, I make good omelets, I’m allergic to aspirin, and I used to deliver bottled water to the Pentagon.