About Me

Hello, friends,

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Who I am:  A sinner saved by grace.

A native of Charlotte, North Carolina, born in 1968.

Married with three children (and an impending son-in-law.)

More education than any sane man needs.  Seriously, one bachelor’s degree, two masters’, and a doctor of ministry, none of which has ever made any significant impact on my pay grade.  I know lots of big words, though.

An amateur actor, frequent writer (and infrequent publisher), occasional comedian, and Baptist minister.

A comic book and superhero geek.  I also like sci-fi and fantasy stuff, but I’m pickier these days about what I do and don’t watch.  Middle-aged curmudgeonliness–you young whippersnappers don’t have good comic books like we had when I was a boy, grumble, grumble, grumble.

I blog about my family’s crazy life here at “The Neighbors Think We’re Normal.”

Plus, I can juggle.  Which, again, has never had any effect whatsoever on my job prospects or salary.