Vanity Surgery

Don’t Google “plastic surgery fails” unless you’re prepared for some tragic and heartbreaking sights.  I use Google Images for a lot of the blog pictures I put up, and the one included here was a lot less unsettling than some of the ones I could have gone with.

A “plastic surgery fail” is someone who’s paid a lot of money to look younger and/or more attractive and has wound up looking freakish.  You see it a lot in celebrities who trade on their appearance and are trying to hold off the hands of time a little longer.  And fair enough, sometimes they get pretty decent results and they DO look a little younger than their actual age.  Sometimes it doesn’t work so well, and you get a scary face where once you were good-looking.  Sad.

And it’s all vanity, with maybe a little bit of commercial desperation thrown in.  “I get movie roles because I’m young and pretty; if I start to look middle-aged those offers will dry up.”  And I can’t judge, because I don’t live in that life.  There may be a lot of pressures going on I don’t know anything about.

But I actually spent some time in prayer for those who are so desperate to hold on tightly to youthful beauty, that most fleeting of qualities, that they’re willing to take such extreme risks with their health and appearance to do it.  Tragic, and a pain I will thankfully never have to endure.

Hope all’s well out there today, friends, and God bless.


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