Facing Giants

I scared a young actress’s friends one time.  I was one of the antagonists in a Shakespearean play, and she was playing my innocent daughter, and there’s a confrontation scene where I was extremely abusive toward her.  We staged it carefully, of course, and the actress and I were working together the whole time, but I was verbally and physically quite the cad.  Plus I was more than twice her body weight and a solid foot taller, and I came off as an enormous bully.  Lots of shouting at her and shaking her around.  Her friends were afraid of me after the show.

But the actress wasn’t scared of me at all.  Even if we hadn’t been friends (and we were), she knew that I was constrained by the script and by the rehearsal and by the director and by the theater, and that she was in no danger.  She knew that, big as I was, there were forces bigger and stronger than me that kept me from harming her, and she had nothing to fear.

Giants come into our lives sometimes, but we would do well to remember that there is One Who stands behind them, without Whose permission they would have no power to harm us at all.

And we don’t need to be afraid.

Hope all’s well out there, friends, and God bless.

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