Sunday School Antics

I was filling in for a children’s Sunday School class.  The regular teacher is taking a cruise and completely neglected to invite me.

The lesson was on Jesus and His healing miracles and on how we should show His love for others.  We eventually got to it.

First we apparently had to talk about movies.  Then Adam was flipping a coin, and he dropped it and I thanked him for bringing me a coin.  He protested that it was his lucky coin, and I told him okay, but put it back in his lucky pocket.  He grinned and complied.

Then Mark was on the floor on his back because he said he was a turtle and he couldn’t get up.  I flipped him over and said “okay, shell-boy, get in your seat.”  And he did.

Some other shenanigans, but we got to the lesson.  And then they answered the review questions correctly and had some very sweet and insightful comments on being loved and showing love.  So, you know, no big deal with the antics, because they’re learning something.

I love kids’ Sunday School.

Hope all’s well out there, friends, and God bless.