Miscellaney February 8, 2018


  1. I’ve had “Lead Me to Some Soul Today” stuck in my head and been praying about it.  It’s hard to sing, because I don’t know QUITE all the worlds, so I have to hum along until I get back to the lyrics I’m comfortable with.  I should probably look it up.

2. I took a chunk out of a fingernail this morning.  It doesn’t bother me until I hit the “w,” “s,” or “x” key, then it stings.  Typing Wessex is kind of painful and I should probably avoid working it into the post.

3. I had an injection in my knee Tuesday, and was warned there would possibly be some discomfort for a couple of days.  Um, yeah, I’ll say.  Tuesday afternoon I had to go home and lie down, yesterday was pretty rough, this morning honestly is much less sore.

4. I’ve interacted with some VERY cute and sweet children the last couple of days and really wish I could show you pictures, but I’m leery about that since they’re not actually my kids.  I have one of a three month old baby girl staring at my camera with a “what’s this all about” look.

5. You can’t do ANYTHING when the doctor insists you use two crutches.

6. The doctor and I disagree about “avoiding strenuous activity.”  I personally consider that moving tables and chairs isn’t all that demanding, but he rather unreasonably sees it differently.  My wife, friends, and co-workers are siding with him.  Frustrating.

Hope all’s well out there, friends, and God bless.