Morning People!

I’m an obnoxiously cheerful morning person.  I know this.

I am the only one in my household.  Maybe if I wasn’t so outnumbered it’d be easier to be a morning person, because I’d have somebody I could actually have coherent conversations with before breakfast.

I was driving two semiconscious freshmen, my son and the young man who lives across the street, to school, and I was in a very good mood.  I wanted to maybe put on some lively music, or possibly sing a little, but I tend to get some grumpy opposition from my passengers, so I choose not to fight that battle.

Enh, they’re heading off to school, and that’s tough enough.  No point tormenting them, poor, sad, not-morning people.

My daughter has a shirt that reads: “A Poem for Mornings.  Coffee.  Coffee, coffee, coffee.  Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee.  Everyone shut up.  Coffee, coffee, coffee.”

And then, there’s me.  “Let’s get up and face the day!”

It’s a lonely thing.

Hope all’s well out there, friends, and God bless.