And Yet More Advice…..

—Look both ways before crossing the street.  If you see something coming, stopping would be sensible.

—If you’re having a medical or relational problem, mention it on social media.  You’ll be inundated with wise counsel.  Try all of it.

—If you pull a pen out of a jar and it doesn’t write, stick it back in to try again next time.  It’s good to give things another chance.

—Reading the instructions first is a good idea only if you plan to follow them.

—The two most important things to know for the DIY electrician are a) where the fusebox is and b)when to call for a professional.

—When a small child says he or she needs to go to the bathroom, it’s generally much safer to give the benefit of the doubt.

—You can’t go wrong waving at babies or admiring pets.

—Believe everything you read on the Internet.  Except for this.


Hope all’s well out there, friends, and God bless.