Henry Styron–Advice for Shaving a Beard Off

Hello, friends!  In my quest to provide more regular content while I’m building up my backlog of interviews, I thought I would provide you some helpful counsel for shaving a beard off.

This is what I looked like a few weeks ago:  




I usually wear facial hair.  The few times I’ve been clean shaven over the past twenty years have been when I was in some play or other that required it.  I’m currently in a play that needs a shaved face, so this is what I look like at the moment:



My wife has always preferred the beard, and one of the conditions of me shaving it off was that I promised to grow it back just as soon as the show was done.  I’ve gotten, in all due modesty, a lot of compliments on how nice I look without the fuzz, but the missus gets the deciding vote.

And NOW, when the end of the play is upon us, she’s thinking I should stay shaved for awhile.  She’s started to like it.  Go figure.

So, advice for shaving a beard:  Start with clippers, and get the hair as short as possible before moving to a razor.  Use plenty of warm water and a new, sharp razor, and take your time.  If you haven’t shaved in years your skin will be very sensitive and you can nick yourself very easily.  Don’t shave again the next day–give it a solid thirty-six hours before you shave off the stubble, to allow your skin some time to recover, and allow extra time for shaving until your face gets used to it.

Oh, and here’s a picture of a sleeping puppy.  No particular reason.

Thanks for reading, and God bless.