Tim Chancellor–Advice for Dyslexics With ADHD

I’d like to welcome Tim Chancellor to the blog. Thanks for being with us, Tim.  Can you tell us where you live and how old you are?
Columbia, Missouri, and the big 50…….

What do you do for a living?
I deliver wine and spirits to restaurants, stores, and bars during the week/mornings and own/operate a bus & limo business that I work in the evenings/weekends. I love being a part of people’s special occasions from weddings, birthdays, formals all the way to first time skydiving. We also work with groups that don’t have smiles, like funerals and sequestered juries.

Where can we find you on the internet?
Celebrationlimousines.biz.  I keep getting encouraged to write a blog as people know of the many stories I have throughout the years of working with “normal” people and celebrities. Maybe someday I will jot down the funny things that happen in a limo and party bus.

Can you share a funny story about the limo/bus business?
Just purchased the limo and a childhood friend had his son graduating from military school…everyone was having a great time, pulled into the driveway, and was helping everyone out of the car when I heard a splashing sound.  I glanced in the car to see a mother’s face of fear, and vomit on sixteen feet of seats.  This eight year old looked up at me and said “sorry dude, I drank too much tonight… I had twelve suicides.” (That’s when you put every soda flavor in the glass.)

I would imagine the family is still talking about that one.  The most interesting place you’ve visited?
Just a few miles from our home, we have a cave called the Devil’s Icebox. You can take a tour underground for several miles; some areas are tiny, crawling through into larger rooms with many branching off tunnels.  Sometimes you don’t have to travel far to find another world to explore.

Your favorite meal would be?
I love a thick med rare steak but, with a mouthful of “sweet” teeth, I can make almost any dessert a meal.

Favorite dessert?
Anything sweet…haha. I would prefer to have my dessert first and vote for having dessert at every meal.  People are conditioned to have a drink at every meal like coffee, juice, soda, beer  and so forth; we need to enjoy dessert after breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Pet peeve?
Mouth noises…crunching ice, chewing with your mouth open…my wife tells me I need medication.

Favorite book?
“The Shack,” followed closely by “The Alchemist.”

If people want to pray for you, they could pray for…..?
Not sure.  I am blessed with tons of experiences (negative/positive) and He places me around people who I can share with and it seems to impact their lives. Maybe continue using me to let people see Him through me.

Are you married or have you been?  Any kids?
Engaged.  I call Lisa my wife already…Sept 9th.

I have a daughter 24 and a son 21. Lisa has a son 19 and one 16.

If you had any spare time, what would you do with it?
Travel…well I would need spare money for that but I love to explore and learn. Life is about experiences and relationships. Loved the missions trip several years ago to Guatemala mountains.

Can you tell us a little about the mission trip to Guatemala?
I was very active in my church for a while, leadership…was burned pretty bad by the top leadership and board so I went to another church and sat in back and observed.  It was a dark part of life, unemployed, divorcing, etc… I volunteered at different places to stay busy while seeking employment. One place had ties with the missions trip and they asked if I would go and they and the church would cover my expenses. This was such a humbling experience; I was in my self-pity party until I discovered how poor and desperate other people, communities were.

One thing many people don’t know you can do?
People are always amazed how I see and do things differently. I am dyslexic/ADHD and have coped with this blessing, using it as a benefit not a disability. I don’t always do things like others and some appreciate the alternative while some don’t.

Tell us some interesting things about yourself that aren’t already covered.
My memory is horrible, so I use photographs to mark my experiences. I love to take pics of life.

I love the positive attitude about dyslexia and ADHD.  Could I ask you to offer some advice to either those living with dyslexia or those living with ADHD (or both?)  
Life is really about perception in my experience. You can see anything in a positive or negative light.  I read that 90% of the most successful CEOs are ADHD. Of course they don’t last long, they get fired or transferred to another company to do their magic; one started a major airline, was fired and started another major airline.  Our relationships are like that too…we impact people but not for long.  I like to think we are like those everyday angels that impact your day, even those days we don’t know they’re in our lives.

When I worked for the Missouri Bureau of Investigations, I came up with an investigative concept of pictures. I would have people “paint the picture”…I would use comments like “as I am looking at this picture, I see what next to…?”  This concept would help people provide details that they didn’t realize would be helpful for us.  The Attorney General’s office continued to call me several years after I left asking me if I would help them because nobody else could get the confessions that I got. I told them it was about developing a relationship and trust.  Being dyslexic is about seeing the different angles….yes, backwards numbers and letters but you can also choose to use it to round out the square views.

Tim, thanks much for being with us and for sharing from your experiences.  Take care and God bless.