Katie Leon Guerrero–Advice for Medical-Legal Consultants

What is your name? Please include a nickname if most people call you by that.
Mary Kathrine Burgin Leon Guerrero. Please call me Katie!

Is “Kathrine” the correct spelling?
Actually, I thought of adding this to the last answer. Kathrine is the correct spelling. It was misspelled on my birth certificate and mom never had it corrected. I didn’t know until I applied for a driver’s license when I was in high school. At that point, I decided just to leave it the way it was.

What do you do for a living?
I have three jobs. First and foremost, I am a nurse.
I work in the hospital on the High Risk Obstetric and Labor & Delivery Units. I’m also cross-trained to work in the NICU and on the Mother/Baby unit. I teach Fetal Monitoring classes, too.
I own my own medical-legal consulting business, Bridge Pointe Nurse Consulting. I work with attorneys, nurses, and insurance companies on medical-legal claims. I work for both plaintiffs and defendants.
I just took a job with a company called Med-Ed. I will be teaching a Fetal Monitoring Certification exam preparation course to nurses at hospitals all over the United States.

How old are you?
That depends on when you publish this! I will be 39 on June 1st. (And I’m lucky to share a birthday with my Aunt Peggy.)

That would be today! Happy birthday! Where do you live?
Harrisburg, NC

Do you have a website where people can learn more about you?
Yes. www.bridgepointenurse.com

The most interesting place you’ve visited?

Can you give us a highlight or two about visiting Hawaii?
I went to Hawaii with my family when I was 16. We went to the Big Island and stayed on the Kona coast. It was so beautiful, it didn’t even seem real. The best part was swimming in Captain Cook Bay. We went on a snorkeling trip. The water was so clear, you could see the bottom from 50 feet up. A pod of dolphins came by to play with us. There were giant sea turtles and beautiful fish, too. It was amazing.

Your favorite meal would be?
Hmm. Something with seafood. And cheese. And dessert.

Pet peeve?
Chewing with your mouth open. Ew.

Favorite movie?
I could watch Elf every day.

Why is “Elf” a favorite?
I love Elf for a lot of reasons. It’s hilarious. It’s about Christmas. It’s about the innocent and unconditional love of a child (or in this case, an adult Christmas elf), and it’s a movie I can watch with the whole family.

Family or pets?
I have two children: Anthony is ten years old and Evelyn is eight. We’ve got an 8 year-old Shih Tzu, a new 1-year-old rescue mutt, and a cat.

One thing many people don’t know you can do?
Play the piano.

If you had any spare time, what would you do with it?
First, I would sleep. I would also like to travel and spend more time with my friends and family.

Tell us some interesting things about yourself that aren’t already covered.
I have metal plates and screws in jaws. If you think I have a screw loose, you might be more correct than you know!

Do you mind telling us what happened to your jaw?
I had orthodontic surgery when I was 17.

Thanks for all this. Can you give us some advice for medical-legal consultants?
Interestingly, my best advice to medical-legal consultants is about introductions and making connections. Do you mind if I put a plug in for my LNC group? (Legal Nurse Consultant) It’s ok if you’d rather not. I don’t get any kickback from it. I just think it’s a great group.

No problem at all. Go ahead.

In full disclosure, I’m a member of the conference committee (a volunteer but elected position). The group has been fantastic for me. About 90% of my work has somehow been related to this group.

My advice to medical-legal consultants is to focus your time on making genuine connections with other consultants. This may mean helping someone out within your area of expertise, giving someone a ride to the airport at a conference, offering a prayer or comforting word to someone in need, or connecting over your shared love of dogs. If you dedicate your time to the person instead of the business, the business will come.

If you’re not sure where to start, join a medical legal networking group, such as Juris Education Resource Knowledge for LNC’s – fondly known as the JERKs! This fantastic group is a collection of knowledgeable, generous, and passionate nurse consultants that would love to see you succeed.

Katie, thank you for letting us get to know you a little bit. May your endeavors be successful, and, again, may you have a very happy birthday! God bless.