Carolyn Angel–Advice for Nurses

What is your name? Carolyn Angel.

Any nicknames? Not since childhood and we’re not going there. “Trouble,” maybe. That’s one I’ve had lately. That’s one they call me at Carpenter’s Hands.

What is your occupation? Retired from hospital nursing.

How old are you? Sixty-six.

Where do you live? Mills River, North Carolina

The most interesting place you’ve visited? Probably Alaska.

Why is that? We did four mission trips there with Carpenter’s Hands. The first one was in 2004, 2005, then I forget exactly how the others fell. Also, Alaska has beautiful scenery!

Can you tell me about the Carpenter’s Hands ministry?
It’s based at Mud Creek Baptist Church but it’s not limited to Mud Creek. I go to French Broad church and some of the other members do too, but it’s not even limited to Baptists. We have a Methodist and some others who go. In the summer we go on a mission trip; this summer it’s going to be to New Hampshire to work on a girls’ camp so they can reopen it. The week after Christmas we do a mission trip as our birthday gift to Jesus. That may be in another state, or this past year it was in the county, helping out with a building for people that are rehabbing from drugs, for them to have a place to go on the weekends. Sometimes we work on people’s homes, that sort of thing. Sometimes we have training and participation in disaster relief.

Your favorite meal would be? Steak, baked potato, and salad.

Pet peeve? People following too close when driving.

Favorite book, or movie, or television show? I like NCIS. I read the Bible, of course, and I like mysteries.

If people want to pray for you, they could pray for……? Wisdom.

Are you married or have you been? Any kids or pets?
One dog that thinks he’s human. I’m widowed and have two children, grown, and a daughter-in-law.

Tell us about the dog that thinks he’s human. He came to us because of our son, who we told couldn’t have him. He’s become a part of the family, his name is Timber, a good-sized dog. He can pout and then he can turn around and make sure I make it to bed okay. He’ll walk in front of me sometimes or follow me but he won’t go to bed until I’ve gone into the bedroom. I’ve got lots of stories, well, you know Timber.

I do know Timber. Can you tell us one thing that many people don’t know you can do? I can paint some, whenever I take the time to. I like to do landscapes.

If you had any spare time, what would you do with it? Take off somewhere for two or three days, just by myself and just relax and read.

Tell us some interesting things about yourself that aren’t already covered. I have no ear for language, I have found out, although I would love to learn Spanish. Years ago I found out that mission work can happen here in the United States–it doesn’t have to be overseas. Over the years that’s one way I’ve grown, and now I’m at the point where if God would call me I could do mission work overseas (with an interpreter, of course.) I’d love to travel more. One of the things for me that God has given me, it’s not so much witnessing to people as being there, maybe for Christians. I have had the opportunity to witness but it seems to be more being there for people sometimes, which kind of feeds more into the nursing, too.

What advice would you give for nurses? If you go into nursing, go into it because you want to help people and not just for the money, and go into it thinking about helping the younger nurses. When you’ve been in it awhile you want to help the younger nurses as they come along. Through the years I’ve realized that God used that as part of a ministry. It does have its challenges, too. And do it because you want to and not because someone else thinks you should.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?
Just having lost Clyde over a year and a half ago, take it day by day and allow yourself to grieve and don’t put a time limit on yourself. For each person grief is individual and it can catch you unawares sometimes. And one thing as I’ve gone through it it’s been good to be there for someone else who’s grieving. And I’ve been very grateful to my church and Carpenter’s Hands who’ve been there for me through that. God is good.

Thanks, Carolyn, for sharing with us and letting us get to know a little about you. God bless.