Mike Pressley–Advice for Drummers

What is your name? Mike Pressley

What do you do for a living? Branch Support Coordinator/Warehouse Manager

How old are you? 50

Where do you live? Charlotte, NC

The most interesting place you’ve visited? New York City

Can you name one thing about NYC that particularly struck you? What particularly struck me was the size. Concrete buildings as far as the eye could see. Also, the musicals I attended on and off Broadway were excellent.

Favorite meal? Fettucine Alfredo with chicken, salad and cheesecake

Pet peeve? People who are not grammatically correct. You to, two? LOL

Favorite movie or television show? Movie: Back to the Future Trilogy, TV Show: Counting Cars

If people want to pray for you, they could pray for ….? How to be the best husband and father I can be.

Are you married or have you been? Any kids? Pets? Married with two daughters. two dogs and one cat that constantly fight with each other.

One thing many people don’t know you can do? Play the piano.

If you had any spare time, what would you do with it? Buy a vintage car and restore it.

Is there a vintage car you’d prefer, if you got to have your pick? The vintage car of my pick is a Chevrolet Chevelle since it was my first car.

Tell us some interesting things about yourself that aren’t already covered. I play a mean set of drums. I like to go bowling, camping, play pool and sit by my fire pit to relax. I make awesome sweet tea. I love to laugh and make people laugh as well. I wish people could be more honest with each other in general.

Advice for drummers? I personally play the “Pearl Export Series” of drums. I’d say when choosing a set of drums, go with what floats your boat. If you know what kind of music you want to play, that can push you into a certain size range of drums.
An example is if you want to play loud rock, I would choose a little larger range like 12, 14, 16 inch tom toms and a 22 or 24 inch bass drum. If more jazz and pop music, smaller sizes would do. Get cases for your drums if at all possible. They will last longer and protect the finish and heads. Another tip as far as playing is to play along with your favorite music. Using headphones is good because you can hear the music in your ears and still hear what you’re playing on the set. Happy drumming!! 😎

Thanks much, Mike. We appreciate you letting us get to know you a little bit. Here’s hoping there’s a vintage car in your future.