Mindy Weldon–Advice for Amateur Electricians

What is your name? Melinda James Weldon, but I go by Mindy

Can I use the playpen picture from your college days? Yes, use that one! I completely forgot about that one. I have also included a current one.

What is your occupation? I have the title of IT Applications Manager/Project Manager. That is what is on my badge, paycheck, and email. However, I prefer to refer to myself as a Cat Herder. If I get one or two kittens in the box then the other one or two jump out. My degree is in Religion/counseling !?!?!?! Information Technology just seemed to be my thing. Too bad I could not have figured this out $80,000.00 ago.

Sadly, between the initial interview and this being published, Mindy was laid off. She’s already had one phone interview and is hoping for a face-to-face soon.

How can people pray for you?  They could pray that I will find creative ways to show God’s love to the people I encounter. Friends, co-workers, strangers and people in need. And, update, for God to open a door for employment and income for me soon.

How old are you? My birth certificate says I am 52, born Nov. 9th, 1964. However there is a saying: “Growing old is not an option, growing up is.” I feel and act like I am 18. Except when Arthur Itis reminds me of my actual age when he kicks me in the knees in the mornings.

Where do you live? I live in Huntersville, North Carolina, near Lake Norman. I would like to live on Lake Norman, but my bank account reminds me weekly that is not an option. A pop-up tent in the rich people’s back yard is not an acceptable form of living arrangements.

One thing many people don’t know you can do? Plumbing and wiring and general house repairs, upgrades, etc.

“Advice For Amateur Electricians”–So when your daughter walks out of the bathroom and asks “are sparks supposed to come out of the electrical socket?” it is time to spring into action. I mean, how hard could wiring be, right? First of all, you Google “how to replace wiring,” then you head to Home Depot or Lowe’s or the home improvement store of your choice. Buy all the necessary needs. Be prepared to go back one hundred times because you will forget stuff. Go home, get all your tools, open up the door to under the house after you have run off all the rolly pollies and earwigs, etc. Open the door and stand there and try to be brave due to all the spider webs and darkness and Lord knows what else is under there. Take one step in, realizing you almost gave yourself a permanent perm in your hair because you forgot to turn off the power. Go back, take another brave leap. Decide you cannot do this. Take all supplies back for a refund. Call your neighbor who does this stuff, offer to pay him. While he is in the dark, spider-infested abyss, stand at the doorway and ask him every ten minutes if he needs your help. Praying and hoping he does not say yes.

Do you have a website or a blog or a Twitter account or anything where people can learn more about you? NO, I am very personal. Working in IT security can make you very jaded and cautious. ( Some people call it paranoia, not that I have anything to hide………..)

Most interesting place you’ve visited? FUJI Film Plant. You would be amazed at all the things that go on in that place, from robots delivering film to the process of pictures being put on T-shirts, metal, etc. It really is an amazing process.

Describe your favorite meal? Steak, cooked medium, baked potato (butter and sour cream), salad and lobster tail with lemon and drawn butter. Nothing out of the ordinary but this is my comfort meal.

Pet peeve? Which one……. People that do not get up and walk but scoot in a chair with wheels. Grown people in an office situation doing this. UGH. Drives me nuts

Favorite book or movie? The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Are you married or have you been? Any kids? Pets? I am divorced, with a wonderful 23-year-old daughter. I am footloose and fancy-free. No pets (but I love them) and nobody suggesting what I should do with my life!

If you had any spare time, what would you do with it? I would learn to play every musical instrument that exists on the face of the earth.

Tell us some interesting things about yourself that aren’t already covered. People beg for me to make my famous spaghetti sauce for them. Some have even suggested I try to sell it. I volunteer on a regular basis for Habitat for Humanity and I LOVE it!!!! My love for my Lord knows no bounds and He has given me an amazing testimony of how He can heal, provide and show Himself to me through others. He has even used nonbelievers in my life to the fullest capacity. God is amazing and His love is amazing. He brings the prodigal back and comforts us after he disciplines us from our hard headed ways. Amazing Love how can it be!!! I am amazed every single morning at what He does for me!

Thanks, Mindy.  We appreciate the time.  We’ll be praying for you about the job situation.  Keep us posted, okay?