God Doesn’t Do Nonsense

This is an old one. “Can God create a rock too big for Him to lift?” If you answer, “No, He can’t,” the response is “I thought God could do anything.” If you answer, “Yes, He can,” then the response would be about how the wit thought God was infinitely strong.

I propose to answer the question definitively (and I’m not the first to do so by a long shot).  The answer is “no.” God cannot create a rock so big that He cannot lift it.

And here’s the reason: God cannot do nonsensical things, not because God is limited, but because nonsense can’t exist except in the abstract. (And even then we have a difficult time picturing it.) Could God create a man who was simultaneously both six feet tall and five feet tall? No, and not because God is not all-powerful, but simply because such a man cannot exist.

Back to creation. To create something, by definition, is to limit it. Nothing exists in the real, in the concrete, that does not have limits. In order for God to create ANYTHING, that thing, in the real world, must have a defined nature, composition, and mass. God, Who is unlimited, must by necessity surpass all created things.

Yes, but couldn’t God create an infinitely large rock? Once again you’re attempting to attribute nonsense to God. How could there be any such thing as an infinitely large rock?  Can you picture one?  I can’t.

Could God, if He so chose, create a rock that was greater in size than the visible universe? I haven’t the slightest doubt that He could, if it suited His purposes. But the act of creation is also the act of limitation, and He could then pick it up, again if He so chose.

Hope this is of some help when you run across that question again. It used to bug me.

God bless, friends.