The Story of God and Man

The Bible is a divine Book: God inspired it, directed it, used it, and preserved it, and it contains a record of many of His wonderful acts and much about His character and attributes.

The Bible is a human Book:  God used mankind to write the book and it tells the journey of humankind from sinless perfection to tragic fall to hope and forgiveness and redemption and restoration.

It the story of God and it is the story of man.  It finds its culmination in its central character, the Lord Jesus, fully human and fully divine.  The Old Testament expounds on our need or a Savior and on the preparation of the world for His coming.  The New Testament tells of His advent, and the beginnings of the effect His sacrifice and resurrection would have on the history of mankind.

The first verse of the Bible is “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”  The Bible begins with God’s creative acts, but His Creation was to be for the benefit of Mankind.  He was the Author, but we were the Reason.

The last verse of the Bible is “The grace of the Lord Jesus be with God’s people.  Amen.”  The grace, the gift, of the God-man is to make possible the reconciliation of the sinfully fallen humanity to the infinitely holy and perfect Father-Creator.  Through His work we can be called God’s people, indeed.

“The story of God and man” should be the perspective from which we approach the Bible.  When you come to your quiet time or your Sunday school lesson, when you reverently approach God’s word, prayerfully ask “what does this passage say about God?  What does this passage say about me?”  Every part of the Bible tells us more about God and how He deals with, loves, corrects, inspires, protects, guides, leads, cares for, loves His people.


It is a book about God.  It is a book for us.


May we be grateful and thankful for the gift of the Word, and may we joyfully treasure it and live in it and by its teachings.