God’s Watching Over Us

My son is adopted, although his older sisters are our biological daughters.  Long story short, around fourteen years ago Adored Wife and I felt God’s overwhelming message that we were going to have more children, and then a scant few weeks later we learned that a family friend was expecting a child out of wedlock and wanted to know if we would adopt.  He’s thirteen now.

 He’s grown up knowing he was adopted and it’s never been a big deal to him.  But it was only in conversation with him this past week that all the miraculous “God’s leading” stuff came up.  I don’t use the word “miraculous” lightly, and I’d just never had the occasion to tell him the particulars.

But, yes, it was a miracle time.  I’ve rarely experienced a sense of God’s direction as clearly as I did fourteen years ago, but it’s happened a few times in my life.

 And I needed the conversation this week.  I have a few stressful situations in my life right now, and I’m earnestly praying for God’s guidance to see me through it.  And the conversation with my son was a reminder that God has always watched over me and seen me through times of testing.  And the timing of that conversation, relating to my son the Providential circumstances surrounding his birth and adoption, came in the midst of me seeking reassurance from God.

Yeah, He’s still watching over us.

 Hope all’s well out there, friends, and God bless.