Moving Stuff At Church

Writing this post I’m actually trying to decompress from a bit of a stressful event at my job.  I was tempted to blog about it but decided not to for two reasons:  1) People involved may see this and recognize themselves but mainly, 2) by the time you read this I’ll be over it anyway so what’s the point in burdening you with it?  It’s not the kind of thing that’s going to distress me in the long run.

So instead let me tell you about setting up the church sanctuary for the Christmas musical.  I serve as an associate pastor (or “minister of miscellaneous”) and my job involves a LOT of furniture moving.  For the big Christmas production this morning we had to clear the stage of all the pulpit furniture so we could fit the children choir up there and do the Mary/Joseph/angel scene, we had to move out the portable baptistry and hang a lot of curtains to create a temporary dressing space for our actors, we had to set up a lot of lights, move some platforms in, get the drumset and keyboard off the stage, and move some chairs around to accommodate our instrumentalists.

And this all started when I asked the music minister if there was anything I could do to help……

Hope all’s well out there, friends, and God bless.